TWC Certified Practitioners Directory

The TWC Directory of Certified Dog Trainers is designed to help you find a professional trainer who is trained in the Training Without Conflict™ methodology, throughout the world. In addition to having completed an extensive curriculum by Ivan Balabanov, each trainer has met strict criteria regarding the application of this ground-breaking approach to dog training.

All certified trainers in the network have also agreed to a Code of Conduct, which holds them to the highest of standards in all their business dealings. With that, we do encourage you to conduct your own due diligence to ensure that the trainer is a good match for you and your dog.

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Why work with a Training Without Conflict™ Certified Professional?

Ivan Balabanov’s Training Without Conflict™ training system is superior to all other dog training methodologies because it is a truly scientific approach with emphasis on Cooperation and Play. This method doesn’t subscribe to the current norms of dog training that is boxed in by distinctions of whether a trainer is “positive only” or “balanced”.

Ivan Balabanov has an unrivaled perspective on dog training with over 40 years of experience. In that time, Ivan has trained guide dogs, been the head of dog training at the San Francisco SPCA, and taught hundreds of workshops and seminars worldwide all while maintaining his passion on training his personal dogs. Since 1989 Ivan has been the owner of Ot Vitosha Malinois which allowed him to raise hundreds of puppies and also train several of his dogs to incredible success including 14 National Championships and 2 World Championships in IGP dog sport competitions. This experience gives Ivan a breadth of knowledge that allows him to teach dogs and their owners in a unique way that creates incredible results.

At present, there are many different schools of thought regarding dog training. Trainers have divided themselves into camps that dictate how they train, and thanks to social media, everyone is a dog training expert selling you their “new” training system. The internet is flooded with free training that is leading dog trainers and dog owners down paths that not only do not solve problems, but usually lead to more. By putting “Ideology and Tribe” before what works and what doesn’t work. These approaches are incomplete and inferior ways of training dogs.

The Training Without Conflict™ concept is radically different, as it cannot be defined as “positive only” or “balanced”, nor is it confined by the quadrants of operant conditioning. It is a revolutionary new approach that does not rely on the widely accepted treat training, where the dog perceives its trainer as a food dispenser. It is a radically different concept, that encourages Dog and Trainer to interact as fellow creatures. Such interaction places a strong emphasis on cooperation, willingness, and compliance with much higher level of motivation. The result is obvious, even to the untrained eye – confident and eager dogs that perform commands because they want to and not because they must.

Our certified Training Without Conflict™ trainers respect and harness your dog’s intelligence. They have been trained to appreciate and understand that dogs are born genetically pre-programmed by nature with certain behaviors (desirable or not), which are impossible to eliminate. TWC trainers have learned how develop training plans and lessons to Guide and Control the dog’s instincts without unnecessary stress and conflict, while maintaining the dog’s confidence and true desire to interact with the trainer and its environment.

Training Without Conflict™ trainers are held to a high standard, both in how they train and in how they operate their business. Each has agreed to the TWC Code of Ethics, which outlines best practices as an independent dog training professional.

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Note: Please be advised that the trainers listed in the directory is a confirmation of their individual certification in the Training Without Conflict™ methodology. It is not an endorsement of their personal business. Many trainers listed here, have also studied with other trainers who teach different approaches to dog training which often may contradict with TWC concepts. It is our recommendation that as you inquire about their approach to training, to clearly state your interest in training your dog to be in compliance with the Training Without Conflict™ methodology.

Ivan Balabanov – The Man Behind The Methodology

The impact that Ivan Balabanov has had in the dog training world is unrivaled by any other person on earth. Ivan has over 30 years of experience in dog training, breeding, dog sport, protection, and civil work. As the founder of Ot Vitosha Malinois, Ivan breeds world class dogs that are capable of everything from being a family pet, being champions of dog sport, assisting local police, as well as handling the most dangerous and clandestine missions in Special Forces teams around the world.

Ivan is the only American to have won not one, but two World Championships to go along with 12 National Championships in IGP dog sport competitions with dogs he personally bred, raised, and trained. Ivan is also the founder of Training Without Conflict – a world-renowned resource for dog owners, professional dog trainers and respected dog institutions around the world. In addition to all of this, Ivan finds the time to help many shelters and rescues with the rehabilitation and training of troubled dogs.

Ivan’s global following looks to him for what is said to be the most innovative approach in dog training techniques. From the beginning, Ivan knew he had a gift for training dogs, but his greatest achievement is imparting his years of experience, knowledge and wisdom on countless trainers and dog owners, so that he can help as many dogs and people as possible.

The incredible information that Ivan provides to the dog training world has changed dog training forever and will continue to transform the lives of dogs and dog owners for years to come!

Ivan is the only American to have won not one, but two World Championships to go along with 12 National Championships in IGP dog sport competitions with dogs he personally bred, raised, and trained.